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Will Blackton

Creative individuals need an attorney who understands their passions, guides them through a maze of complicated legal worries and helps protect their portfolios.

My name is Will Blackton, an attorney living in the Raleigh area, and I focus on the legal needs of artists, photographers, and graphic designers.

Before attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I lived in Southeast Asia and worked as a web designer and digital artist (I built this site from scratch using a framework of only about 200 lines of CSS). I was surprised, after only working in the industry for a year, to find that my work was already being used by others, without my permission. So, I understand the feelings of frustration, flattery, and disgust that comes with having your work stolen.

After graduating from law school, I clerked for the Honorable U.S. District Court Judges Mark W. Bennett and Leonard T. Strand in the Northern District of Iowa. These two accomplished jurists taught me how to read critically the court filings of seasoned attorneys and write for an audience behind the bench.

I am quietly building a practice that combines my love of the visual arts, technology, and the law, helping people obtain fair compensation for their work and protecting their portfolios. If your content is worth stealing, it’s worth defending. I will be here to pick up your phone calls and respond promptly to your messages.

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